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The Spirit University is raising money to put in a CHAIR LIFT. We have recently remodeled our second floor to create a beautiful educational space where our students can learn and grow. Now we ask your help to finish the process so our disabled students have access to the new learning center. Many of the students are struggling to overcome physical disabilities. It would be such a blessing if this one obstacle could be overcome! Our seventeen stairs have become the equivalent of Mount Everest.
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The Spirit University is a safe, nurturing environment where people in our community can meet with others who are interested in meditation, energy healing, spirit communication and complementary pathways to health. Our mission is to provide enriching and educational experiences that help with personal transformation. We provide a place where the spirit can heal and grow.

As founder and medium, Victoria Ackerman says, “I want those who come here to have access to knowledge, to connect and network with others, and to share with those that have the same interests. I want them to embrace good health and wellness and be able to advance their souls, bodies, and minds too!”
Community is everything, she adds. “People become great friends here,” she says. “They support each other. They feel like they have people they can talk to, and not be looked at like they are off the wall. That’s so important. People fly here from around the world.
Many people have lost those they love, and it’s like a giant support group. So many of them tell me that they don’t know what they would do without this place.”
For her part, Ackerman says, the community has changed her life. “When you’re with people here, you feel an energy or vibration that opens up your heart. It’s helped me understand the difference between just living with my nose to the grindstone, and actually being happy. And, what I know now is this: I am here to do ‘good work’. That’s why I’m here. Some of the things people learn here will help them the rest of their lives. I think that’s worth everything I do.”
Your donation will do so much good! You can help us get one step closer to achieving our goal of making our school accessible to the disabled students who mean the world to us.

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 Together, we can make a difference, one life at a time. Will you make a gift today?