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Psychic Fair: Bridging Two Realms

April 27 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm EDT

$5 – $20

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🎟️ $5 Admission includes ALL Lectures, Mini-Workshop
🔮 Only $20 for a 15 min Mediumship Reading
📚 Reserve Readings In Advance -or- At Festival (while supply lasts)

Step beyond the veil and explore the mysteries of the beyond. This extraordinary event invites you to connect with the spiritual realm, offering a unique blend of insight, healing, and guidance. Here’s everything you need to know to join us on this journey:

“Bridging Two Realms” is not just an event; it’s an experience that transcends the ordinary, designed for those who seek to explore the connection between our world and the spiritual plane. With noted Medium Readers and an engaging lineup of 12 lectures and interactive mini-workshops, this fair is a rare opportunity to delve into the mysteries that lie beyond our physical senses.
For just $5, unlock a day filled with enlightening lectures and mini-workshops—each crafted to enhance your understanding of the spiritual realm and your place within it. This one-time admission fee grants you access to an array of sessions, each offering unique insights into the world of mediumship, psychic development, and spiritual healing.
Seek personal guidance, connect with loved ones in spirit, or explore messages from the beyond with a 15-minute Mediumship Reading, available for only $20. Our gifted Medium Readers come with diverse backgrounds and specialties, ensuring you find the connection you’re seeking. Due to high demand, we recommend reserving your reading in advance, though limited slots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at the festival.
– Secure your Mediumship Reading in advance to ensure your spot with one of our talented mediums:
– Admission: Tickets are available at the door. Remember, your $5 admission not only opens the door to a day filled with exploration but also includes ALL lectures and mini-workshops.
– Location & Time: The Spirit University, 373 Braden Ave, Sarasota, 34243. Saturday, April 27, 11 am to 2 pm.
This is more than a psychic fair; it’s a gateway to understanding, a place where the spiritual and physical worlds intertwine. Whether you’re seeking personal healing, wish to receive messages from the other side, or simply curious about the spiritual world, this fair offers something for everyone.
Don’t miss this chance to explore the unseen, understand the mysteries, and connect with the spiritual realm. Join us and start your journey towards spiritual discovery and enlightenment.
Where Spirits Speak and Hearts Connect

Lectures and Mini-Workshop SCHEDULE
Psychic Fair: Bridging Two Realms

11:00 am  Insights on Psychic Protection and Grounding Techniques
Gain valuable insights into the importance of maintaining energetic boundaries and explore effective strategies for staying grounded in an ever-changing reality. With AnneMarie Martin.

11:15 am  Unveiling the Language of Dreams
how dreams serve as gateways to the spirit world, offering profound insights into the mysteries of existence and the depths of the human psyche. With Maria Parillo.

11:30 am  The Secrets of the Clairs: Voyance, Audience, Sentience
Explore the nuances of these psychic abilities, uncovering how they can be harnessed to perceive hidden truths, communicate with the unseen, and navigate the complexities of the spiritual realm. With Deni Dreazen.

11:45 am  Mystical Mediums: Ancient Mystical Traditions 
A fascinating exploration of mediumship, tracing its roots. Through illuminating anecdotes and scholarly insights, we will uncover the timeless wisdom and practices that have shaped cultures and civilizations, offering profound perspectives on our connection to the spiritual realms throughout history. With Heather Yang.

12:00 pm  Whispers of the Wild: Animal Communication
Discover how mediums can bridge the gap between human and animal worlds, offering insights into the spiritual connection between humans and the creatures with whom we share the Earth. Get a deeper understanding of the profound bond that exists between all living beings. With Sarah Hollenhorst.

12:15 pm  Awakening the Sixth Sense: Developing Psychic Abilities
The journey of awakening and enhancing our “sixth sense” will be guided through the process of tapping into your inherent gifts, practical techniques and personal stories that illuminate the path to a deeper, intuitive connection with the unseen world around us. With Kristina Smith

12:30 pm  Being Your Spirit in Life
Within each are a reflection of the pure, powerful presence of our Spirit. We are all the universal inspiration and illumination of the Spirit of Life. Join me as I share how Being Your Spirit in Life allows you to experience more freedom, fulfillment, inner guidance and joy in all you are and do. With Jim Toole.

12:45 pm  Haunting Influence on Literature and the Arts
The captivating influence of mediumship on literature and the arts. Spiritual encounters and psychic phenomena have inspired writers, artists, and creatives, providing a rich tapestry of supernatural themes . Find a deeper appreciation for the enduring connection between mediumship and human creativity. With Jane Mills.

1:00 pm  Integrating the Paranormal with Life’s Journey
There is an intersection of the paranormal and everyday life, how extraordinary experiences shape our understanding of the world, weaving seamlessly into our personal narratives. Discover how embracing beyond the veil enriches our life experiences and expands our perception of reality. With Alan Manthei.

1:15 pm  Through the Lens of Remote Viewing
Uncover the parallels between the uncharted territories where mediumship and remote viewing converge, Delve into how they transcend physical limitations to access information beyond the realm of the ordinary senses. Journey into thought-provoking wonders. With Barbara Harrison

1:30 pm  On Sacred Ground
A soul-stirring exploration as we tread the sacred ground where the unusual intersects with the essence of our existence. Hear about the mysteries that dwell within the liminal spaces of our lives. Be entranced by stories that illuminate the path toward deeper connection and understanding on life’s sacred journey. With Richard Powell.

1:45 pm  Echoes of Connection: A Message Gallery
Where every word paints a picture and every sentiment tells a story. Explore the heartfelt messages and inspiring words shared by our community, each one a glimpse into the beauty of human connection. With Available Mediums.


April 27
11:00 am - 2:00 pm EDT
$5 – $20
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The Spirit University
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