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Practical Magic PSYCHIC FAIR

14 October, 2023 @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT

$5 – $20

** Doors open at 11 am **

Psychic Readers, Tarot, Mediumship, Séance, Ghostly Divination, Flower Apothecary, Crystal Ball, Mini Store, Lectures, Mini-Workshops

Attend this event IN PERSON
Join us for an enchanting day of wonder, wisdom, and self-discovery as we unlock unseen secrets and ignite your spiritual journey.
Experience the profound insights from our gifted intuitive readers, skilled in tarot, mediumship, crystal balls, ghostly divination, and more. Gain clarity and connect with higher selves through their guidance.
Attend informative and entertaining lectures and mini-workshops led by experienced practitioners, expanding your horizons and deepening your cosmic connection.
We hope to have a food truck there around 12-12:30. Lots of delicious fruit and acai bowls.
Prepare to be bewitched by an extraordinary event! Join us to immerse yourself in the magic of connection, find inspiration, and uncover profound revelations. See you there!
Admission is only $5 and includes ALL Lectures, Entertainment, and Mini-Workshops. Readings are only $20 for 15 minutes.
LOCATION: The Spirit University, 373 Braden Ave, Sarasota, FL 34243. (Just 9 minutes north of downtown Sarasota. Take University Pkwy Exit off I75, turn North (right) at US 41. Across from the Sarasota/Manatee airport off US41).

Only $5 Admission, includes ALL lectures, entertainment, and mini-workshops. Readings are only $20 for 15 minutes.

LECTURES LIST Practical Magic Psychic Fair
11:15 am The Innate Power Of The Hu-Man
Remember and define the incredible potential within you. You open anew to the many innate powers given to us all, at birth. as we explore the depths of the Hu-Man experience. Delve into the essence of being human and tap into the innate power that lies within us all. Join us for an empowering exploration of the unique abilities and capabilities that define the Hu-Man, and how you can harness this power to shape your destiny and manifest a brighter reality. With Zan Benham.
11:30 am Seriously… You Have GOT to Laugh!
Discover the transformative magic of laughter in this lighthearted and interactive lecture. Explore how genuine laughter can lift your spirit, reduce stress, and positively impact your well-being. Join us for a session filled with joy, anecdotes, and laughter exercises, reminding us that humor is indeed a potent tool for healing and a pathway to a happier life. With Deni Dreazen.
11:45 am How To Pick Your Tarot Cards From The Deck
Have you ever thought about learning to read Tarot cards? How do you choose a deck? Does it seem like there are too many choices to make? Well, there are. So many decks, so little knowledge. I will give you tips as to how to choose a deck. Uncover the secrets to selecting tarot cards that speak to your soul. However, the choice is yours. And yours alone. With Cathy Zapsalis.
12:00 pm Karmic Healing: Embrace Forgiveness and Liberate Your Soul
Immerse yourself in a transformative meditation on karma and forgiveness during this soul-nurturing session. Through guided meditation and introspection, release past burdens and embrace a path of healing and redemption. A serene and enlightening experience that will cleanse your soul and pave the way for profound personal growth. With Jane Mills.
12:15 pm Magical Home Shield: Energy-Clearing for a Harmonious Space
Dive into the mystical art of self-defense and house cleaning using direct magic. Explore how harnessing pure energy can serve as a potent tool to cleanse negative energies, dispel unwanted spirits, and banish low-level entities from your space. Learn techniques to create a shield of positivity and transform your home into a haven of peace and balance. With Ishan.
1230 pm Connect And Communicate With Your Angelic Guides
Learn how to harmonize your path with divine guidance, tapping into their wisdom and support. Gain insights and techniques to enhance your spiritual journey, allowing you to invite angelic presence into your life. Deepen your understanding of angelic guidance and empower you to navigate life’s path with angelic insight and love. With Karin Strauss.
12:45 pm Learning And Having Fun With Your Gifts On A Budget
Uncover the joy of exploring and honing your gifts without breaking the bank in this engaging lecture. Discover the delight of nurturing and refining your gifts without straining your finances. Gain insights into practical and cost-effective methods to welcome and enhance your distinct abilities, setting you on a path of self-exploration and personal growth. With Tish McAuley.
1:00 pm Healing Ourselves with the Magic of Color
Discover the hidden power within the vibrant spectrum of hues and learn how to harness their energies to promote healing and balance within ourselves. Join us for an enlightening lecture on the magic of color and its potential to nurture our mind, body, and spirit. With Kim Broniman.
1:15 pm Miracle Energy
Discover how to balance and ground this powerful energy within yourself, enabling you to manifest miracles in your life. Explore techniques to harness this extraordinary force, empowering you to co-create the life you desire. Learn how to infuse your reality with the magic of miracles. With Karen Webster.
1:30 pm The Creation Dynamic – Finding True Fulfillment in Life
Reach beyond the pursuit of happiness to a deep and powerful fulfillment at a heart and soul level. Learn in this inspirational lecture how to access, express and experience true fulfillment and freedom in all that you create, choose to do and be in your life. With Jim Toole.
1:45 pm Reading with Clarity: Expert Tips
Discover essential pointers and effective techniques to enhance your readings, offering guidance and clarity to those seeking answers. Elevate your skills and provide meaningful readings at this enlightening event. With Ginny Wilder.
2:00 pm Opening The Heart To Gaining And Receiving Love
A soulful exploration into the art of opening your heart to gain and receive love. Discover how to release barriers and embrace the abundant love that surrounds you. Learn empowering practices to nurture self-love and radiate it outwards, creating a positive ripple effect in your life. Pave the way to invite love, compassion, and connection into your being. With Cecelia Inwentarz.
2:15 pm Angels to Afterlife
Embark on a journey through celestial realms and the mysteries of the afterlife. Explore the connections between angels, guides, and the ethereal world that awaits. Gain insights into transitions, messages, and the comforting embrace of the afterlife. Join us for an exploration of the spiritual unknown. With Suzette Zelt.
2:30 pm Exploring Lucid Dreaming and Its Potential
Delve into the essence and significance. Discover the tools and techniques that can help you achieve lucidity within your dreams. Learn the initial steps to embark on a thrilling and transformative lucid adventure within your dreamscapes. With Barbara Harrison.
2:45 pm GPS – God Positioning Sensor: Connecting to the Heart
Discover how to attune to your inner GPS, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of your purpose and spiritual journey. Gain insights and practices to navigate life’s path with heart-centered wisdom, allowing you to connect to the divine within. Harness the power of your inner GPS and find your true direction in the universe. With Melissa Parks.
3:00 pm Psychic Detectives As Crime Solvers
Explore the world of psychic detectives and how their extraordinary gifts unlock mysteries and assist in solving crimes. Delve into their methods, insights, and contributions to the realm of law enforcement and investigation. With Shirley Smolko.
3:15 pm You Are The Gift
Discover the transformative power within as we delve into the essence of self-discovery and self-worth. Embrace their unique essence and potential. Explore the journey of self-love, acceptance, and the magic of realizing your intrinsic value in a world seeking your authentic presence. With Deborah Dienstbier.
3:30 pm The Enchanted Table: A Séance Experience
Experience a session of heightened spiritual connection at our Séance event, centered around a large talking table reminiscent of a group ouija board. Embrace the eerie ambiance, seek spectral guidance, and explore the magic that resides within the shadows as we come together to attempt communication with the spirit realm. Engage in this interactive and immersive séance, seeking answers and insights from beyond. With Barbara Harrison.
🔮 18 Mystic Seers and Healers await, ready to reveal the unknown 🌙


14 October, 2023
11:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT
$5 – $20
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Sarasota, 34243
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