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Stranger Things Psychic Fair

23 October, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT


Probe into the paranormal and supernatural, including that which is beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. Can we create a portal to an alternate dimension, “the Upside Down”. Whether we see it or not, does the Upside Down dimension influence our lives?

These topics include Paranormal Investigations, EMF (electromagnetic field) recordings and readings at haunted locations, Haunted and Ghost Houses, Orbs, Parapsychology, Ghostlore, Shadow People, Apparations, Seances, and other things that go bump in the night.

Readings are 15 minutes, so you have plenty of time to sample multiple reader styles. Whether you are well acquainted with the wonderful world of Spirit, or just beginning your journey, this is a perfect opportunity to learn, connect, and grow.

How does this work? The Lectures run all day, from 11:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Only $5 gives you access to all Lectures, come and go as you please. This also gives you access to the Readers Selection Site and access to sign up for readings which are only $25. <Click Here to Register>

Schedule of Lectures:

11:00 Reader Introductions

Instructions on how to get a reading

11:20 Cathy Zapsalis – History of Halloween

Most of us grew up going from house to house trick-or-treating on Halloween. But did you ever stop to think about where the tradition comes from? What about the costumes? Why do we dress up on Halloween? Does the entire world celebrate Halloween? Discover the history of this fun and scary holiday! With Cathy Zapsalis.

 11:40 Heather Anderson – Developing Intuition Using Abstract Art

Believe it or not, the same skills that are used to read the subtleties of energy in psychic work are very similar to the process of creating your own unique work of art. In this class, Heather Anderson, Psychic Artist, will explain how you can use creativity to enhance your ability to see beyond. The truth is that everyone’s journey to a deeper connection with their Higher Self is about getting comfortable expressing their own inner knowing. And a canvas is a great place to practice! Heather will be explaining her journey from English teacher turned Psychic Artist, her intuitive abstract painting process, and the benefits of using creativity to enhance your intuition. With Heather Anderson.

 12:00 Jennifer Ciongoli – Benefits of Pranayama 

Our breath is a tool used to calm the mind, create clarity & maintain focus. Breathing helps to diminish anxiety, stress, & muscle tension, creating an overall awareness & balance between body mind and spirit. Every cell in the body receives vital energy through breath.
There are many breathing practices to learn -our focus will be on a full diaphragmatic breath, it will increase the flow of energy/ prana throughout the body & mind. Our breathing practice cleanses & opens the major pathways, assisting to reduce energy blockages & creating a gentle flow of prana. We will learn to direct our breath to specific areas of the body that need warming and release. Breathing techniques stimulate internal organs, lower blood pressure, relieve fatigue and raise our vibration for healing. Our breath ultimately strengthens the union between our body mind and spirit.

12:20 Chris Slaney – Tarot 101

Everyone has psychic ability to some degree. From a simple “gut instinct” through to seeing future events you can develop your natural gifts through meditation, workshops, and understanding the gifts you already have! Hear about one person’s journey to becoming a professional working psychic! Discuss the benefits and some of the pitfalls to becoming a professional psychic reader. With Chris Slaney.

 12:40 Zan Benham – Things That Go Bump in the Night

I have had ghostly experiences in my life with witnesses to testify on my behalf. Each encounter has been unique and fascinating. My first one was an unforgettable one at my grandmother’s home in Oklahoma. My cousins and I spent a fearsome night huddled together in the most certainly, haunted attic bedroom in the house, where all my grandfather’s old military garb from World War I and II, hung forbiddingly in the closet.  Another ghostly event was in an old home outside of St. Louis, MO where I lived as a young mother. Or another in a mansion I visited in upstate NY, and still another, a regular poltergeist named Uncle Al, in our apartment in NYC. Yes, I have had a few ghostly encounters, which I can gladly share with you. And if you are tired of your ghostly encounters as I was, and wish to discontinue your habit with the paranormal, perhaps I can help you too! With Zan Benham.

1:00 Tracey Corporan – The Martyn Ape at Athelhampton Hall in Dorset, England, 

As a trader, Sir William Martyn would have access to ships returning to port from all over the new world. It is reported that on one such occasion an Ape was imported and came to live as a pet at Athelhampton. The Martyn’s were a Catholic family living during Tudor times, whilst tolerated, these were dangerous times. One of the daughters attempted to marry outside of the Catholic church but was forbidden, she decided to hide in a secret room behind the paneling in the Great Chamber, unnoticed by her, the ape followed her in, and when she later emerged the ape became stuck and starved to death. The Martyn Ape is reportedly seen today in the Great Chamber sitting looking into your eyes. With Tracey Corporan.

1:20 Heidi Korsch – Master Your Life!

All of us have our own energy! Learn how to keep your body more balanced and bring your energy up. Get the knowledge to help yourself! Improve your health, your life, and your inner strength! This lecture will include a short energy and stress relief meditation. With Heidi Korsch.

 1:40 Shirley Smolko – Protection from Earthbound Spirits While in The Hospital

Whether you’re a lightworker providing spiritual services to the public or an individual seeking to learn more about the spirit world, you’ll want to attend this lecture on identifying and removing attached entities. Lightworkers, especially healers, will want to incorporate the principles learned in this lecture as part of their practice. With Shirley Smolko.

2:00 Vaishali Nikhade – Coincidences in love?

Do you see the same patterns repeat over and over in your romantic relationships? Join Vaishali as she shows you the game of the Universe from some real-life examples (with their names changed for privacy). You’ll also get to know how you can move past the weird coincidences to ‘get lucky in love’ so that you are more prepared for whatever happens next. Whether you are just getting out of a relationship, have been single for a while, or are ready for a long-term relationship, don’t miss ‘co-incidences in love’ to move ahead from your past mistakes. With Vaishali Nikhade.

2:20 Barbara Harrison – The Secrets of Lucid Dreaming

A lucid dream occurs when a person is asleep but aware that they are dreaming. In this state, a person can take control of their dream’s narrative to some degree, essentially guiding and directing the course of their dream. Discover how to lucid dream and learn tips to help make lucid dreaming easier. With Barbara Harrison.

 2:40 Johnny Barnett – Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism

Astrologer Johnny Barnett introduces us to a wisdom so ancient almost no one remembers it. The Hermetic wisdom “As Without, So Within” is a direct reference to self-awareness and understanding through knowing how the planets and the Astrological signs reflect our inner sense of self and how we are each empowered in a unique way to bring forth Spiritual gifts during our lifetime. These truths- long kept secret- are now available to all people who wish to lead lives of meaning and purpose and help lead us into the Aquarian Age. With Johnny Barnett.

 3:00 Bridgett McMullen – Angel Healing Meditation

Bridget McMullen is a certified meditation practitioner and teacher. In February 2021, she received her attunements and certification of seraphic wisdom and became a seraphic wisdom practitioner. This ancient wisdom has helped her infuse her meditation with beautiful, high vibrational, healing energy and has helped her take her meditation to the next level. Bridget says, “I am forever a student on this healing journey, and feel called to help guide others to ground, relax and heal with this beautiful, ancient, Seraphim angel energy!”. With Bridgett McMullen.

 3:20 Rod Pettit – Using Crystals for Energetic Protection

Crystals and stones are an excellent way to shield the aura from unwanted energies. But does one know which stone to use for what purpose? Explore the different types of protection stones and learn how to use each one. With certified crystal healer Rod Pettit.

3:40 Richard Powell

We will share an excerpt from the book “In the World But Not of It” by Gina Lake. In this excerpt, Gina is delivering a message channeled from the Ascended Master Jeshua Ben Joseph (aka “Jesus”) with guidance for transcending the thought stream that is always with us.


23 October, 2021
11:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT
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