Captain Brian Brennan

Captain Brian Brennan is a seasoned mariner and spiritual facilitator at The Spirit University, where he hosts the transformative Energy Resonance Circle, Embracing Divine Consciousness. With extensive experience in maritime operations, Captain Brennan’s career spans various roles, including service on passenger and tank vessels, tugboats, and recreational boats. His notable maritime experience includes being a combat veteran in the U.S. Navy, working with Mobil Oil Corp. on tugboats and tankers, serving on Circle Line passenger services, and providing maritime piloting with United Pilots. Additionally, he has been involved in tugboat operations with Moran Towing Corp. and worked with the Staten Island Ferry from 2002 to 2013. As a maritime consultant, he offers expert consultancy in maritime operations. Captain Brennan holds prestigious maritime qualifications, including Master of Vessels (any gross tons), First Class Pilot (any gross tons), and Master of Towing Vessels.

In addition to his maritime career, Captain Brennan is a gifted Evidential Medium, Psychic Medium, and Sacred Tarot practitioner. He brings a unique blend of discipline and spiritual insight to his sessions at The Spirit University, helping participants connect with their divine consciousness and harness the power of energy resonance. His diverse background in personnel training, both domestically and internationally, enhances his ability to guide individuals on their spiritual journeys.