Heather Yang

Heather’s journey is a fusion of diverse cultures and profound spiritual exploration. Born and raised in China, her life path unfolded across America and Asia in equal measure, shaping her into a global citizen with a deep appreciation for cultural richness.

With a solid foundation built over 15 years in HR management within Fortune 500 companies and international organizations, Heather transitioned into a new chapter of her life in 2018. Drawn to the ancient wisdom of Norse shamanism, she embarked on a transformative journey as a shaman, medium, and healer.

Becoming a Holy Fire III Reiki Master marked a pivotal moment, empowering Heather to delve deeper into spiritual realms. She pioneered her unique approach, crafting HPR/Rune Reiki, a synthesis of ancient Norse runes and Reiki energy healing.

Heather’s dedication to sharing her knowledge and experience has touched lives across the globe. As an educator, she has mentored hundreds of students, guiding them on their own paths of self-discovery and healing.

Her expertise extends beyond Reiki and runes, encompassing a wide array of mystical arts including Face Reading, Tarot, and Shamanic journeying. Heather’s passion lies in developing and delivering comprehensive training and lessons, empowering individuals to unlock their potential and embrace their spiritual gifts.

With a heart rooted in both tradition and innovation, Heather continues to inspire others to embark on their own journeys of spiritual growth and transformation.