Mediumship Development 2024

Celebrating Graduates of The Spirit University’s Mediumship Development Series. This intensive program, conducted over 16 days across five months, culminated in a transformative experience for each participant. The gallery showcases the dedication and spiritual growth of each graduate, including AnneMarie Martins, Alan Manthei, Deni Dreazen, Heather Yang, Ivan Pozo-Illas, Jane Mills, Kristina Smith, Maria Parillo, Nancy Haviland, and Sarah Hollenhorst. Recognized for their Perfect Attendance were Alan Manthei, Ivan Pozo-Illas, Nancy Haviland, and Sarah Hollenhorst. Witness their ceremonial presentation of completion certificates by esteemed Mediumship Instructor, Victoria Ackerman. Join us in celebrating these individuals who have deepened their connection to the unseen, honing skills that bridge worlds and expand consciousness. Presented this 16th Day of April, 2024.