A READING, OR MESSAGE, IS A THREE-WAY COMMUNICATION involving a friend or loved one who is in Spirit, a medium and you. The medium functions as a middleman to relay sights, sounds, and information from those on the Other Side of life to you on the physical plane. Readings can come in several forms:




1. An Individual Session

Personal Readings

2. Galleries, Groups, Circles, Auditoriums

Public Message Demonstrations

There are two important aspects of a reading or message:

1. Evidence, Details, and Validation – Something that furnishes proof or bears witness and supports that the medium is genuinely communicating with your friend or loved one, and

2. The Message – The reason for, and the purpose of, the communication from your friend or loved one.

The process begins with authentication to make sure the link is for you, and to confirm the evidence relayed. In all personal readings and public demonstrations, a good medium strives to give the highest evidence possible that your loved ones are still with you and are very much alive in the spirit side of life.

Then, messages are passed through the medium to you. Information doesn’t come from the medium, the medium is merely the messenger who receives words, signals, and pictures from those in the spirit world.

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