Practical Magic Psychic Fair 2023

As the enchanting spell of the Practical Magic Psychic Fair continues to linger in our memories, we gather to celebrate the remarkable magic that unfolded on Saturday, October 14th. An astounding 530 beautiful souls came together at our center, each adding their unique essence to the illumination that filled the air.

Among this mystical gathering were 18 Intuitive Readers, 18 Mystical Sages who shared their wisdom in lectures and mini-workshops, and 12 devoted Volunteers who embodied the spirit of service. Our fair was graced with the presence of a food truck for part of the day, offering delightful smoothies, fruits, and acai bowls, providing nourishment for both body and spirit. We deeply appreciate the support, energy, and enchantment each of you brought to this magical event.

  • Throughout the day, enchantment danced through the realms of our Psychic Fair.
  • Attendees embarked on journeys of discovery in lecture rooms, delving into new realms of knowledge.
  • The Practical Magic themed decor and ambiance cocooned us in a world of wonder, enhancing the experience for all.
  • Connections blossomed in the breakout areas and ghost garage waiting zones, where like-minded souls shared stories and insights, forging bonds that transcend time and space.

We extend our gratitude beyond words to ALL who contributed to this remarkable tapestry of magic:

Our Volunteers Tish, Danielle, Jim, Karen, Ivan, Nancy, Kim, Toulla, Doris, George, Victoria, and Richard, you were the guardians of the portal, guiding and welcoming all who crossed its threshold. Your dedication and selflessness shone like a beacon of light, ensuring the fair flowed harmoniously.

To our gifted Intuitive Readers and Healers Barb, Barbara, Cathy, CeCe, Deborah, Deni, Ishan, Jane, Karin, Gina, Nancy F, Nancy G, Melissa, Nicole, Shirley, Stacey, Suzette, and Victoria you extended your wisdom and gifts, often staying longer to meet the surging demand. Your insights touched the hearts of many, leaving an indelible mark of enlightenment. The gratitude and appreciation expressed by our fair attendees overflowed with positivity and praise.

Our insightful Lecturers Zan, Deni, Cathy, Jane, Ishan, Karin, Tish, Kim, Karen, Jim, Ginny, Suzette, Cecelia, Barbara, Melissa, Richard, Shirley, and Deborah, you captivated and ignited the flames of curiosity, filling our lecture room to capacity. The knowledge you shared ignited a spark in the hearts and minds of those who attended. The standing-room-only audience is a testament to the wisdom you bestowed.

George, our guardian of technical realms, masterfully weaved his spells over our new credit card stations, striving towards the goal of a seamless flow of transactions on our new equipment. Nonetheless, as the mystical energies swirled around us, we discovered ourselves humbled and awestruck by the overwhelming response to our sacred gathering.

Your presence and contributions have touched the hearts of many, creating a web of mystical connections that will endure. Your light illuminated the path for countless individuals, and your presence brought upliftment to their spiritual journeys. As we part ways from this enchanting chapter, we express our deepest gratitude and love. You have added brilliance and enchantment to our journey, and we are eternally grateful for your presence and your contributions

May your light continue to shine brightly, blessing the lives of all you encounter. We look forward to the magic we will create together in future adventures!