Wizarding World Weekend

Leave your muggle-self behind and enter a realm of intuitive discovery in 11 classes and events

Channeled Writing | See Auras and Eminations | Methods of Mediumship | Eye of The Infinite Universe | Ghost Stories | Into the Paranormal | Grey Lady Séance | 5 Talismans for Transformation | 3 Easy Steps for Empath and Psychic Shields | Using Tools to Interpret Messages | Crystal Balls

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Channeled Writing: The Mysterious Art  10-11:30 am 


This inspirational workshop is for seekers of all kinds yearning to find some of the answers of life. Reuniting with the ancestors and the heavenly guides, teachers, and protectors at our beck and call. To begin (or continue) a timeless classical relationship in a caring faith with the divine and with oneself in a splendid union of grace. With this workshop for novices you’ll discover a wonderland of the soul. It is one of many gifts of the heavens by channeled, written divination. For others, you’ll continue your blessed voyage of self-discovery one understanding at a time by rekindling your divinity and humanity in one fell swoop through channeling beautiful inspirations. To find love and peace and become them again for another moment.  With Professor Ivan Pozo-Illas.

See Auras and Eminations 12:30-2 pm 

Every person has an “aura” about them, an energy that is uniquely theirs many intuitively sense and unmistakable. We all have this ability to not only “get a feel” for someone’s energy, but to see it as well. Discover the definition of what an aura is, and its relations to the chakras. Includes simple exercises to open your third eye and and let your vision behold. With Pensieve of the Soul Professor Mary Linn Clarke.

Magic, Methods, Yesteryear of Mediumship  2-3:30 pm

Delve into ancient accounts of spirit communication and the exciting origins of Spiritualism.  You’ll also learn  techniques used to communicate with Spirits right here and right now. Unfold and learn what type of spirit communicators are in practice today.  Come and let Professor Binn’s History protoge put the spell of mediumship on you! With Professor Shirley Smolko.

Eye of The Infinite Universe  3:30-5 pm

The Ritual of a Metaphysical Vision. A divine eye (in Spanish, Ojo de Dios) is a spiritual, colorful and votive object made by weaving a design out of yarn upon wood. The spiritual eye of the Ojos de Dios is thought by some believers to have the power to see and understand things unknown to the physical eye. During Spanish colonial times in New Mexico, from the 16th to the 19th centuries, Ojos de Dios (God’s Eye) were placed where people worked, or where they walked along a trail. The Ojo de Dios or God’s eye is a ritual tool that was believed to protect those while they pray, be a magical object, and an ancient cultural symbol evoking the weaving motif and its spiritual associations. The Huichol Indians call theirs sikuli, which means “the power to see and understand things unknown.” With Divination Professor Barbara Harrison.

Nearly Headless Ghost Stories  6-7 pm

Ghost Stories fill the imagination with fear and questions as to what is real and what is not. You are invited to hear first-hand ghost stories by this professor, plus childhood experiences and stories told by others. Tales based on imagination rather than fact… or are they really? There’s a reason why ghost stories, witch-hunts and tales of haunting and folklore from days past are some of the most coveted and interesting tales of all time. People can’t get enough of hearing about the spooky sightings and downright frightening legends passed down through generations. And when these narratives are taken right out of the pages of history, its human nature to be highly intrigued to hear about the truth behind these spooky events. With Divination Professor Barbara Harrison.

Into the Paranormal  7-8:30 pm

What do orbs, spears, balls of light vs ghostly mist, and ectoplasm have in common? What are the characteristics and appearance of ghosts or spirits? What is a haunting? What causes a place to become haunted? The desire to understand more about the spirit world is nearly as old as the human race itself. Evidence indicates the ancients believed that some form of communication between the living and the dead is possible. We will learn about the modern approaches to ghost and spirit hunting, and focus on our desire to understand more about the spirit world. See photographs from real paranormal investigations and spiritual encounters. The professor is a certified paranormal investigator and parapsychology specialist. Growing up in a haunted house, her “imaginary friends,” never went away. She has seen and felt the presence of spiritual beings all her life. With Department of Mysteries Professor AnnMarie Touchette.

The Grey Lady Séance  8:30-9:30 pm

Spirits are among us and they want to talk to you! Spirit talkiing boards have been used since the early 20th century to communicate with those who have passed on. As a group we will guide participants on how  to connect with those on other side in a safe, supportive environment. See what messages come through! Come join this enchanting talking table experience with the specters of The Spirit University’s School of Wizardry! With Charms Professor Helen Greene.



5 Magical Talismans for Transformation  10:30 am -12 pm

Transforming Pain into Power. For all of recorded history magicians and wizards have sought the secret of alchemy to turn base metal into gold. However, true “gold” is to be found in the experience of patience and kindness; goodness and mercy; acceptance and forbearance; wisdom and clarity; gentleness and beauty; selflessness and nobility; benevolence and generosity. For years we have been told, “You create your own reality!” and, “Change your thinking, change your life!” And yet, years later, many of us are still experiencing a reality that is less than we desire. For a long time we have thought that if we could just “get the guy, get the girl, get the car, get the job, get the house, get the spouse, get the kids, get the better job, get the better house, get the promotion, get the grandkids, get the office in the corner…” on and on it goes. And still we feel empty. In this class we will discover 5 alchemical talismans that, if used in the right way and in the right order, will change the “base metal” of a painful, unsatisfactory reality into the “gold” of a joyful reality; the “base metal” of struggle and suffering into the “gold” of a life of ease and grace. Join us for this alchemical journey of reality re-creation! With Charms of Change Professor Richard Powell.

13 Easy Steps for Empath and Psychic Shields  1-2:30 pm

Ever feel like you miss the best part of a party? Or, worse, that something feels off when you arrive? You are probably picking up on other people’s energy. There is nothing more important than psychic protection! Learn to ward off the “dark side” and control your own energy with the simple techniques of grounding, cloaking, energetic domes, talismans, and more. Includes chakra clearing and “growing a tree” during this session. With Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor Pam Jacobs.

The Art of Divination: How to Interpret Messages   2:30-4 pm

Enter the world of divination and learn simple ways to strengthen your intuitive abilities. Explore knowledge of the potential future, hidden significance, and cause of events. We’ll take a look at many popular types of  tools including: Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and Oracle cards, Dowsing using a pendulum or dowsing rod, Lithomancy using stones and crystals, Scrying using a crystal ball, fire or water and Tasseomancy using tea leaves. Once you learn to raise your frequency and consciousness by opening your heart (going into heart coherence) and opening your mind (shifting into the theta brain wave) you can connect to your own higher self and source, allowing you to find answers to your questions for yourself and others, or to simply receive life guidance. These methods require study and practice to achieve proficiency and accuracy. Develop your own intuition and inner guidance, for the tools are just that—tools to point you in the right direction and help you develop your own intuition and inner guidance. Please bring crystals, any tarot/oracle cards or pendulums if you have them, a pen and notebook. With Divination Professor Indira.

Scrying: The Ancient Art of Second Sight  4-5 pm

The word “scrying” historically comes from the Old English word “descry” which means “to reveal.” Scrying is about revealing the unseen through the use of our in-born Second Sight — our capacity to see things that can’t usually be perceived through our five senses. Scrying helps us to get in touch with our unconscious minds: the realm of the soul. This technique allows us to receive meaningful visions and messages. You may receive personal guidance, prophecy, revelation, or inspiration. Once you learn the technique, there are many forms you can use. In the Wizard of Oz movie, the witch gazed into her crystal ball and watched live-action scenes of Dorothy trying to get to Emerald City. This fantasy was based on the ancient art of Second Sight. While in focus, a crystal gazer may see different images: concrete pictures, symbols or vague impressions. What these images convey is information. Some people have describe the experience of being “drawn into” the orb, or feeling a bending of time while gazing. The crystal ball is used as a tool to focus and direct your intuitive and psychic abilities. Crystal balls are fascinating. Their structure and piezoelectric properties make them great tools for looking into life’s secrets. The psychic who learns how to effectively read crystal balls may tap into mysterious energies than can provide guidance for many questions. Includes your own crystal bowl to take home. With Oracle Professor Victoria Ackerman.


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