Victoria Ackerman

Victoria Ackerman is one of


the nation’s most gifted and


sought-after clairvoyants


and psychic mediums.


Her readings are incredibly detailed and possess a high degree of accuracy.


With deep reverence and respect for your unique pathway, she uses her abilities to penetrate the veil between this world and the next — to convey meaningful information about your life as well as messages from those who have crossed over.

For years, Victoria has demonstrated her psychic abilities for local and national audiences, answering attendees’ questions about career, romance, health or the future, and relaying messages from departed friends or family members.

A gifted clairvoyant, Victoria is known for providing precise and accurate readings, enumerating surprising details about others’ lives, and making contact with those who have crossed over. She is the founder of Spirit University, an educational institution (based in Sarasota) that teaches students how to develop and expand their intuition, refine their psychic skills and touch base with their energetic healing capacity.

Victoria was born with psychic awareness and abilities. As a naturally gifted psychic medium, she has studied metaphysics, spending many intensive years training and working with some of the world’s top psychic mediums. After a near-death experience, her unique skills were brought to the surface and amplified.

Lively public demonstrations provide Victoria’s audience with a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating phenomenon of mediumship, which she delivers with her distinctive style of humor, intensity, and compassion. When she contacts the spirit side of life she validates that those on the other side of life wish to communicate with you as much as you want to talk to them.

Being a respected psychic medium, healer, minister and lecturer, Victoria takes her work seriously and treats it with the utmost integrity, reverence and respect. As she says:

“When I assist people in connecting with loved ones on the ‘other side’ of life to bring peace, comfort, love and closure, or when I help people receive and understand their own guidance and answers, then I have accomplished my purpose – a job well done!

My gift is sharing and helping those who need help as I connect people to their loved ones who have passed on. I teach spiritual development courses and train mediums, psychics, and healers so that they can share their gift with others. “

Two-fold is the way that Victoria sees her role. She loves to educate others as much as performing mediumship, and she often offers a rare insight into the actual mechanics of mediumship, explaining just how she’s linking with spirit and the different forms that spirit uses to send messages through her.

Victoria passionately believes that her job as a psychic medium is to help others connect with their loved ones, and also to empower everyone to follow their own spiritual journey by helping them discover their own personal tools and connection.