The Spirit University Center facility is situated on a lovely wooded property in Sarasota, Florida, USA. Located directly off US 41 (also know as Tamiami Trail), with easy access from Interstate 75 via University Pkwy. We are across from the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, and near beautiful Longboat Key and Lido Beach.  See Map and Directions

Guests have visited from within Florida, across the Unites States, and around the world. Our newly renovated building is comprised of a 7000 sq ft, two-story building, plus surrounding property. Ample parking. Our facility includes:


  • Large Community Room hosting 50-80 guests
  • Large Forum Room hosting 25-40 guests
  • Large Joy Room hosting 25-40 guests
  • Awaken Room hosting about 15 to 18 guests
  • Inspire Room hosting about 15 to 18 guests
  • Tranquil Room hosting about 15 to 18 guests
  • Kindness Room hosting about 15 to 18 guests
  • Transform Room hosting about 15 to 18 guests
  • Hope Room hosting about 15 to 18 guests
  • Ascension Room hosting about 15 to 18 guests
  • Inspire Room hosting about 15 to 18 guests
  • Gratitude Room hosting about 15 to 18 guests
  • Foyer Room hosting about 15 to 18 guests
  • Plus five offices and a business meeting room

Plus five offices and a business meeting room, as well as A variety of smaller, more intimate Meeting Rooms. Our center also includes:

  • Video Production Room
  • Green Room
  • High-Speed Skype Room
  • Physical Mediumship Room complete with energy cabinet
  • Reiki Room (with massage table)
  • Rear Covered Stoop Area
  • Free “take a book, leave a book” Public Library
  • Large outdoor semi-wooded area 

For even larger events we have partnered with The Neel Performing Arts Center (up to 840 seats), Unity In The Woods (up to 500 seats), and the 10,000 sq. ft. Sarasota Municipal Auditorium, which also includes a stage. All venues are located conveniently close to our location. The Spirit University will continue to host events at all these locations this year.

The Spirit University Center Building

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