Joseph LoBrutto III

Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium Joseph LoBrutto III Noted As Being One Of The Best In Psychic Abilities

IMG1339editedEver feel like there was someone in the room with you even though you knew the doors were locked and you were alone? It happens to Joseph LoBrutto of Wellington, FL, a suburb of West Palm Beach, all the time.

“Most people shrug off the line ‘I see dead people,’ made famous by the movie Sixth Sense and such shows as Ghost Whisperer and Medium; but it’s something that really happens. It’s been happening to me since I was a child,” he said.

Joseph’s most vivid early memory of an encounter with a spirit came shortly after the death of his maternal grandmother when he was just 10-years-old. “Her spirit came back into my room one night. She told me she loved me and wanted to say goodbye. I was so scared I slept with the lights on for years and was afraid to go around corners,” said LoBrutto.

It wasn’t until a decade later when he was in his 20s that he allowed the spirits back into his life. After watching the Shirley MacLaine movie, “Out on a Limb,” Joseph’s curiosity got the better of him. “I began browsing through the materials at New Age book stores and started taking channeling classes,” he said. “It wasn’t long before my spirit guides returned.”

The first time he channeled, his arms lifted as if they were floating in water and stayed in place for what seemed like hours. A blending of three guides of Joseph came through, and identified themselves as the collective. “They told me my purpose was to become a messenger for a higher power — to let people who are curious about the New Age know what it’s all about. I was to help those who were grieving along with those who need direction in life.

To fulfill his destiny, LoBrutto has been doing a lot of learning. He is now an ADL Minister, certified grief recovery specialist, spiritual life coach, Reiki Master and a teacher of intuitive development. In addition, he is a certified psychic medium and a published author.

His first book, Is There More to Life Than What We Know? is a memoir that reviewers say is a great read for those familiar with the New Age Movement. “It also serves as a good introduction to the movement for those who have never been exposed it before,” said LoBrutto. When he’s not teaching, LoBrutto uses his gift to help those who are grieving heal by creating a real genuine loving bridge to the departed along with channeling the words of wisdom from the Ascended Masters. Joseph regularly appears as a guest on radio and television shows.


Joseph LoBrutto III has been tested to have a high accuracy rating of over 90% in his psychic and mediumistic abilities. TESTED as Legitimate by Medium Channel and has been interview by NBC and ABC television, Local and National Radio Shows, South Florida Sun Sentinel and many other national newspaper. Joseph is a loving channel connecting you with your loved ones on the other side; his gift helps to bridge the gap between earth and the spiritual plane of existence. As a psychic, he works with people to help them achieve a deeper understanding of their life events, and also gives practical advice for their life. As a channel, Joseph is able to communicate with The Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels and Spiritual Beings.

Joseph LoBrutto III has facilitated Channeling Group Sessions, Messages from Heaven Galleries, Psychic Forum, Intuitive Workshops and Spiritual Lectures throughout the United States. Joseph offers private readings in the South Florida and Memphis Tennessee area and does phone readings all over the world. One of Joseph’s greatest accomplishments as an author is to publish one of the most enlightening books available in the New Age market.

Tested Legitimate ● Certified ● The Real Deal


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