Barbara Goodfriend

head-shot-3-a I am a veteran at teaching Animal Communication both in Sarasota and in Northern New Jersey.  I also mentor people who are entering the field to become professional practitioners.  The class I teach focuses on the consciousness of the animals and what goes into a communication.  The class aids the human working in rescue or healing to better facilitate understanding, trust and a positive shift for the animal’s well-being.  It really is beautiful work.

Since childhood, I have been able to perceive the inner world of animals.  When I stand beside an animal, look in their eyes or think about them, sounds, feelings and information spontaneously pour into my body and mind.  Over the last thirty years the animals themselves have taught me how to perfect this process. I am able to physically feel what your pet is experiencing in their body, see out of their eyes, know their thoughts, feel their emotions, and understand the circumstances of their situations.

My immersion into the practice of animal communication is informed by my lifelong connection to our natural world and my studies in the ancient practices of Native American Traditions, QiGong, Shamanism, and Pranic Healing. It is my core belief that animal communication can open a doorway to our highest human potential.