CeCe Inwentarz

Author: “Become The Butterfly-Experience Lifeforce Energy,” & Holistic Energist with +20 Certifications including BioResonance, Kinesiologist, Reiki Master Teacher, more.

Early adult life for “Sissy,” as a very young and naive Police widow, became instantly quite complicated, needing to face alone many more traditional “Men’s Goals in a Man’s World:” of finding a new life partner, ready to take on raising my young, hyperactive son, while completing an Undergraduate Marketing Degree and Masters Degree in Finance, at night, to ultimately become a highly successful Food & Tech Brand Executive.

Trained by Corporate America as a goal-oriented, high achiever, the newly-minted “CeCe” did it all!  Then life threw me another curveball:  Brand Marketing was a “move up or out job.” After several promotions, I got fired…and by another woman!

So I re-entered the workforce as a serial “Solo Entrepreneur” specializing in Business Consulting and Start-Ups, mostly because I found that no other corporations wanted to hire top women at my salary for their Leadership Positions. They had their own very limited, selected women from within to promote! I also volunteered for Leadership Positions in Women’s Empowerment Organizations and Charitable Non-Profits.

But something very emotional had been triggered, and it felt very wrong inside, and I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I didn’t know where to turn.  But even with Tony Robbins Coaching advice, I did not feel very “Empowered!”

I was unfulfilled, and ultimately, I felt “ABANDONED,” even though I was thoroughly loved as a child.   And it is from this place of low-energy emotional vibrations, confusion, and failures, that I learned my most valuable life lessons. As I share my hard-earned Spiritual Wisdom with you today, perhaps it will trigger your own great moments of self-discovery.

After all, my first spiritual epiphany began with simply realizing that my own initials are “CHi” meaning “Lifeforce Energy,” my current career!  Ask me about my second epiphany…The Universe delivered an “Oprah Moment” whopper!

And it will for you too!