AeonShift Healer

I am Ishan, an Spirit who believes in the healing power of æther, and the exploration of the Cosmos. With a strong affinity for spirituality and a knack for metaphysics, my dedication is to help others unlock their true potential in life and achieve a state of profound well-being.

As an AeonShift practitioner, as well as its founder, I possess a deep understanding of the intricate connections between mind, body, and spirit. Through my extensive knowledge and expertise, I assist individuals in their journeys in personal growth, guiding them towards their inevitable physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations.

Being an astral traveller myself, I have honed my abilities through trial & error, to explore realms beyond our physical reality. This unique skill has allowed me the gift to be a Medical Intuive & allows me to tap into higher dimensions, gaining valuable insights into your body & mind few likely have, and wisdom that I can share with those, caring to seek out enlightenment and self-discovery.

Additionally, I have been blessed with divine revelations of the ÆonShift, receiving profound healing for others to enjoy. These revelations have granted me a deeper understanding of universal truths as well as just the more important and more mundane topics, and I am committed to sharing all of this profound wisdom to inspire and uplift others on their spiritual path.

With a professional, scientific and compassionate approach, I am dedicated to facilitating deep healing and personal growth, should they choose it, in individuals from all walks of life. By working closely with me, you can get healing rivaling that of most doctors (although surface-level or penetrating injuries are not part of the AeonShift system, and never will be.) If it is internal or mental or spiritual, once you have seen your doctor, come and see how I can help you feel lighter or clearer or more like yourself, should you need more assistance.

Akashic and Angelic Readings

Ishan is a warm-hearted and deeply intuitive Spirit who specializes in akashic and angelic readings. With a keen ability to tap into the universal energies, he can guide you through your past, present, and future, offering profound insights that empower you to make better choices. As a gentle soul, he understands that everyone’s spiritual journey is unique and, at times, a little daunting. This approach makes him an ideal guide for newcomers who are taking their first steps into the spiritual realm.

When you sit down for a reading with Ishan, you’re not just gaining access to ethereal knowledge; you’re also being wrapped in an atmosphere of acceptance and unconditional love. He believes that his gift is meant to bring clarity, peace, and emotional balance to those who seek it.

So, whether you’re well-versed in the psychic arts or are simply curious about what the universe has to say about you, Ishan invites you to experience the transformative power of the Akash or that of the Angels that surround you. Come with an open mind, and leave with an enlightened soul and a full heart.