Jo Mooy, Patricia Cockerill

Jo has a wealth of professional experience, having served as a Project Executive at IBM for an impressive three decades. Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and Marketing.

Patricia contributed her skills as a Software Developer at HP for 20 years, showcasing her technical prowess and dedication in the corporate realm.

Both Jo and Patricia decided to embark on a different life path after leaving the corporate world. They have chosen to dedicate their lives to spiritual practices, becoming guiding lights for others on their spiritual journeys. With over four decades of combined experience, Jo and Patricia have been actively teaching esoteric principles and spiritual practices, sharing their profound insights with the world.

This dynamic duo has made significant contributions as authors, having penned four books on metaphysical subjects. Their writings offer valuable wisdom and knowledge to those seeking spiritual growth and understanding.

In addition to their literary accomplishments, Jo and Patricia have made their mark as founders of two remarkable initiatives: the SW Florida Women’s Meditation Circle and the Women’s Spiritual Retreats. These organizations have provided nurturing and empowering spaces for individuals to explore their spirituality and connect with like-minded souls.

Their influence and commitment to spiritual well-being extend even further. Jo and Patricia were featured in the PBS Documentary titled “Siesta Key Awakening,” where they shared their insights and experiences with a broader audience.

Patricia Cockerill, with her impressive array of talents, serves as a Theta and Sound Healer and Quantum Healing teacher. She is also the driving force behind the Sarasota Healer’s Network, an initiative focused on promoting the well-being of individuals. Patricia’s dedication to healing is exemplified in her daily practice of publishing a “Daily Gratitude Practice” on Facebook, an endeavor that engages, inspires, and offers healing to thousands of individuals.

Jo and Patricia have not only demonstrated professional excellence but have also made a significant impact in the realm of spirituality and holistic well-being, enriching the lives of many along the way.