Psychic Fair: Bridging Two Realms

Thank you for making April 27, 2024’s Psychic Fair: Bridging Two Realms a resounding success! April’s event showcased the profound dedication and talents of our community. Special thanks to our volunteers, including Arlene, Brian, Ivan, Mary, and Nancy L., whose efforts created a welcoming and smoothly run event.

Our readers, for the first time after completing our Mediumship Development series, provided insightful and comforting experiences that deeply touched many hearts. Thank you to Alan, AnneMarie, Deni, Heather, Jane, Kristina, Maria, Nancy H., and Sarah for sharing your incredible gifts.

Our lecturers, including Alan, AnneMarie, Brian, Deni, Heather, Jane, Jim, Kristina, Maria, and Sarah, shared invaluable wisdom that inspired curiosity and exploration, and our host Richard facilitated these enlightening conversations with grace.

A heartfelt acknowledgment to Jay, whose photography captured the essence of our fair, and to George for his technical expertise which greatly enhanced our gathering. Also Charlotte for her unique and meaningful assistance.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed. Your presence added vibrancy and unity to our fair, creating an atmosphere of mutual support. As we reflect on these special moments, we invite you to share your thoughts and ideas for future events. Your feedback is crucial as we continue to create meaningful gatherings for our community.