4 Tips For Basic Animal Communication



How To Speak To Your Pets in Their Language 

Whether they have fins, feathers or fur, two legs or four – animals touch our lives as well as our hearts and our souls. They love us unconditionally, teach us to play, but most importantly, show us how to live in the now. 


We may be uniquely distinctive and individual souls, but there’s a commonality that binds us all together – a spiritual force. The same energy that makes up the stars in the sky, the same energy which courses through the Universe, is in each and every one of us … and that includes animals. As sentient beings, we’re all connected. Animals have a way of knowing if we’re sad, happy, tense, frustrated, or even sick. Many times when a person is not feeling well you’ll often see their beloved pet at their side or curled up on the bed. Animals simply know! They’ll intuitively tune into our energy and act accordingly to whatever they’re receiving as well as perceiving.

Since animals can’t speak to us in human language and we can’t speak theirs, communication has to be done telepathically. This happens for us as humans as well. For example: all too often, when a couple has been together for a while, you’ll find either partner continually finishing each other’s sentences, or they know what the other one is thinking. Another example is when you suddenly think about someone who you haven’t heard from in ages. The phone rings and sure enough, it’s the person you were just thinking about. These are just a few of the more common examples of what’s known as telepathy.

Since we’re all connected by the universal power of energy and love, it’s feasible that we should be able to communicate with our animal friends. Too many people think that animals are inferior to us, and that they lack the emotional and spiritual capacity that we possess. This is not true. We are and always will be connected to each other, and that includes the animal kingdom. Since we are connected we can have communication with our pets, and it is all done with the power of the mind.


1. When asking your pet a question, try to keep it short and simple. For example: “How are you feeling?” “What’s bothering you?” “Do you like this?” Be as clear and concise as you can be because that way, they’ll understand.

2. Animals like to think in pictures. If you’re going out for a while, then imagine sending a picture of a clock to your animal with the time that you’re expecting to return. If you’re going away for a few days, then imagine how many sunsets you’ll be away for. This is a new way of thinking, but once you get used to it, it will quickly become second nature, and part of your mindset.

3. When animals communicate psychically with us it can also come in words, and mostly they “speak” only one word or in very short sentences. If you’re looking to “hear” your pet psychically, don’t be disappointed if you only receive “belly,” “ear,” or even “love walks.” After all, this is how they really talk!

4. Many animals tell her that they enjoy being animals and don’t want to be treated as a human. Too many of us think they are humans in furry or fluffy coats, so once again, please respect their wishes and let them enjoy being an animal.

Give these tips a try today. You never know, you might be better at it than you think, and it can only establish a stronger bond between you and the animal. After all, that little creature has definitely come into your life for a reason. Usually, it’s to teach us unconditional love and to be our teachers and healers as we all take our journey here together.

Animals help us to be so much more than we really are. They teach and allow us to reach higher than we have ever reached before to spiritual heights that we could never have imagined. All we need to do is … let them.