How To Know If You Are Psychic

Have you ever wondered whether you are psychic?

Psychic Article

Most people will have experiences in their lives that can make them ask the question, am I psychic? Perhaps you have visited a place for the first time,yet somehow knew all the streets and houses like the back of your hand. Maybe you have had the experience of thinking of someone you haven’t spoken to for ages and then had them suddenly call you out of the blue. Or perhaps you have just had a sense of ‘knowing’ something is about to happen before it did.

Psychic intuition

We can all have flashes of psychic intuition, but we can push these moments aside and think that they are just coincidence. Often, later down the line, we can end up thinking that we really should have listened to our psychic intuition! That kind of thing happens to everyone.

The only real difference between a psychic reader and someone who doesn’t think that they have psychic ability is that a psychic reader won’t ignore those flashes of psychic intuition. They will usually start studying and developing their skills so that they can know the difference between genuine psychic ability and their imagination and can then call on their psychic abilities when they need to.

Tools for developing psychic ability

Using tools such as Tarot, tea leaves, Zener cards, scrying objects, automatic writing, dowsing, or meditation is a great way to develop psychic abilities. Many mediums started out at a spirit center, where they spent years developing their psychic abilities and giving readings for free before turning professional.

Turning on psychic ability

One of the most important aspects of developing psychic ability is being able to call on it when you are giving a psychic reading. Having flashes of intuition can make life very interesting, but when people want a paid psychic reading from a clairvoyant or a medium, they want them to be able to turn on their psychic abilities. The psychic or medium needs to be able to call on their psychic skills in a way that is consistent and reliable. When you’re on, you need to be on!

Shutting down

It’s also important for the psychic reader to be able to turn them off again when they are ‘off duty’. Even world famous mediums and psychics are human and need to lead everyday lives. When you’re having a hair cut or queuing in the supermarket to buy dog food, it can be a very disturbing experience to start tuning in to everyone around you and picking up things from their private lives!

So if you think you might be psychic…

You probably are! Start trusting your flashes of psychic intuition, and consider doing something to develop your psychic skills, such as studying the Tarot or runes or joining a class or development circle at The Spirit University or at a spirit center near you. You never know where it might take you!