How To Know If You Are Receiving Messages From ‘The Other Side”

320030Just as I believe we are all psychic to some degree, I also believe that we all have the ability to ‘tune in’ to messages from loved ones on the other side – without necessarily thinking of ourselves as a medium. Very often spirits can get in touch (or try to) in ways that may be easy to miss or else our rational minds tend to dismiss them. Also, if we’ve just lost someone we can be so cloaked in grief that we miss the signs we are being sent that are meant to reassure us!

There are many ways spirits can get in touch with us but here are some of the most common:

DREAMS: Loved ones on the other side often choose to talk to us or appear in your dreams – and also they know this is the least frightening way. Often the person may appear to be more real than they were when they were alive – this is because the veils that exist between their human self and their quantum self no longer exist. If you have a dream visitation then try to write down as much as you can remember the moment you wake up. You may also find that you will recall more over the next few days as you review the experience. Again, write down everything you can remember. This is not your subconscious at work but real communication.

VISIONS: Did you think you just saw someone out of the corner of your eye but when you turned around no-one was there? Some people may even see a mist or outline but we rarely see the whole being. This doesn’t mean they are not there – or that you are imagining it. Sometimes in the moment between sleeping and waking you may even catch a glimpse of the whole person.

ELECTRICITY AND TECHNOLOGY: No, it may not be a Mercury retrograde or a power surge causing your lights to flicker, an appliance to switch itself on or off or your computer to go on the fizz. Your phone rings but nobody’s there. That song that suddenly comes on the radio or you turn on your TV to the show that used to be your loved ones favorite? Do you really think it’s a coincidence?

TIME: You keep waking up at the same time every night for no reason. I have even heard of this happening and the person waking up repeatedly at the exact time their loved one passed over.

MOVING EXPERIENCES: You’re certain you left that object on the table. Nobody else has been in the room so what’s it doing on the mantelpiece? Don’t be afraid if this kind of thing happens. People who loved you in life do not change and become scary once they have left their bodies behind. This is a way of saying ‘Hi, I’m still here’.

TOUCH, FEEL, AND SMELL: Was that your grandmother’s favorite perfume you just caught a whiff of? Do you sense you are no longer alone in the room even if none is with you? Did the temperature just drop or did you feel a change in the air around you as if someone brushed your skin or just walked past? Have you ever been someone and thought someone was staring at you and then turned to discover somebody was? These kinds of experiences or ‘visits’ from loved ones are usually accompanied by you feeling at peace and loved. You know everything will be okay – and most of all that the person you love is okay as well.

Remember, as hard as it is to lose someone we love we need to remember that we are all eternal sparks of energy and part of the universal consciousness. And these kinds of messages from our loved ones are sent with the intention of letting us know that their energy cannot be lost – they are still with us but in a higher vibrational form. Love is after all, the highest vibrational energy in the universe. We just need to be tuned in to receive their messages.

~By Michele Knight, astrologer, TV personality and Sunday Times best- selling author.