Haunted Castle of Enchantment

The Haunted Castle of Enchantment was a howling hit!  The Spirit University was magically transformed into a delightful event that enraptured our ghostly guests.

Goblins, ghouls, and spectacular spirits of all ages came bounding through the castle gate for a bone-shakin’ good time.  They were warmly welcomed by our splendid skeletons, Davis and Johanna, for an evening of fang-tastic fun.  The wondrous wizard, Mike, captured their ghostly visages in our frightful photo booth, along with the phantom photographers Don and Kyle, who caught each moonlit moment.  The fiendish Frank filmed the fascinating affair, sharing the Haunted Castle with hundreds of hobgoblins who could only attend in spirit.

George and Samantha, our devilish doorkeepers, sold the tickets to this exciting event, and the mystical Kathleen led them through our haunted halls, spellbinding them with guidance towards the treats that awaited them.

Our incomparable intuitive readers, Connie, Barbara, Stephen, Katrina, Cheryl, Karin, Evie, Michael, and Victoria, gave incredible messages of insight and inspiration that will make this night truly unforgettable.

Our perfectly marvelous president, Victoria, dazzled the crowd with flame card readings that left them transfixed.  The hip witch Kayla, along with the vampiric volunteers Mackenzie and Nick, put a spine-tingling sense of spirit into their sugar skull face painting, unmasking our guests’ imaginations with every brush stroke.

Rylie, the beguiling bat, invited guests to solve a mesmerizing mystery in the eerie escape room, transporting them to a peculiar puzzle that they solved with the help of some friendly spirits.

Stephen hosted a bone-chilling lecture with our guest-shrieker Shaman Jeff, exploring the enigmatic origin of Crystal Skulls, leading a room of enthralled attendees on a mystical journey that was out of this world.

Barbara had everyone on the edge of their seat with her thrilling tales of the paranormal, sharing true experiences of the ghostly, the spooky, and all things uncanny that will stick in everyone’s mind for Halloweens to come.

The night ended with Victoria’s extraordinary séance, wherein a group of astonished guests worked together, inviting light, good energy, and loving spirits into our community room.  Many saw orbs and felt the presences of those on the other side of life, making this a truly extraordinary and experience that will never be forgotten.

We are incredibly thankful for each and every creepy creature, splendid spirit, and generous ghoul that made this night of ghostly delight a spooktacular success.  May your Halloween continue to be filled with pumpkins, bats, black cats, and an abundance of magic!