Addams Family Psychic Fair

You Rang! We want to take the time to howl out a Thank You to all that attended this month’s Addams Family Psychic Fair & Open House. The fair was packed with psychics and healers along with a seance, demonstrations and informative lectures. We would like to extend a ghoulish Thank You to our healers Indira, Jeff, Lynn, and Richard for sharing their energy to those who were seeking an exchange and healing. We are sending a bloodcurdling Thank You to our readers AnnMarie, Barbara, Brenda, Cathy, Deni, Ishan, Ivan, Karin, Mary Linn, Noreen, Pam, Renee, Robin, Stacy, Terry and Wendy for providing insight, answers and peace to those who booked readings. We are sending a bewitching Thank you to all our guest speakers Elaine, Brittany, AnnMarie, Pam, Lynn Cat, Barbara, Victoria, Karin and Cathy for providing scary yet insightful information for spiritual communication and energy balancing practices. Of course without our staff, Anna, Helen, Richard, Elaine, Kiara, Victoria, George and our volunteers Z, Jakya and Corina this event would not be horrifically successful; Thank you for all that you do for the community! Everyone who came out enjoyed pictures with our own Uncle Fester as well a chance to browse our new store the Enchanted Emporium. Don’t miss the grand opening happening November 1st. Be sure mark you calendars for our next psychic fair in November where many will explain how they have experienced Close Encounters of the Psychic Kind with spirits, ghosts and ET’s and how to start your own communication pathway! As always The Spirit University is grateful to YOU.
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