Haunted Theatre Paranormal Investigation

The Spirit University

Mediums Victoria Ackerman and Monia Heldwein joined members of ESP El Con Society of the Paranormal and also Ghost Hunters SRQ to venture into a local theater. Both ghost hunter groups were well equipped with a variety of sensitive electronic equipment. They recorded EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenom), photographed orbs, communicated with the “other side,” and more.
  1. VIDEO: Medium Victoria Ackerman communicates with the deceased at The Players Theatre, Sarasota, FL (“the haunted theater with a storied past”)
  2. Below, note the flashlight on the floor (at right) during an active table-tipping session.ย The flashlight turned on by itself with no help from anyone … well, no “corporeal” help, anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚