Over the Rainbow

The Over the Rainbow Psychic Fair was a colorful event indeed! The Spirit University was transformed into the land of OZ complete with Dorothy, a tornado and Toto too! Our intuitives, Barbara H., Cathy, Barbara S., Connie, Divya, Howard, Karin, Pam, Suzanne, Wendy, and Zan gave people messages from the other side of the Rainbow and guidance to navigate the Yellow Brick Road. Our Healers, Brenda and Lynn Cat were on hand to ease any pain inflicted by any flying monkeys and twisters that came our way. Suzanne, Barbara, Wendy, Connie, Divya, Howard, and Zan entertained our guests with stories and lectures in the Gallery. Victoria gave a very interesting mediumship demonstration and a short class on scrying outside in the café. Munchkins were had by all!
Our volunteers, Mario, Tracy and Mackenzie helped with admission and were on hand to answer questions. George, Rylie, Mike, and Karen scheduled readings while Daniel hosted the lectures. Kathleen acted as liaison between the two realms of Emerald City and Munchkin Land.
We are very thankful to all of you who helped make this such a delightful event.
There truly is no place like home!