Psychics of the Caribbean

The Psychics of the Caribbean Psychic Faire was a swashbuckling success! Adventurers from all the seven seas climbed aboard The Spirit University for lectures, messages, music, and more! Our seafaring psychic readers and healers, Angela, Barbara H., Brenda, Elodie, Heidi, Howard, Michael, Karin, Connie, Pam, Shane, Diane, and Sheri brought healing energy and messages of guidance and light to the curious travelers. Marcy brought some peace to the choppy waters with her dazzling treasure trove of jewelry, and Nax captured the event so sailors from across the globe can see, and tell legends of the spellbinding Psychics of the Caribbean Faire. BC Hathaway serenaded the crew with sailing songs. Captain Kathleen D. kept the crew in order, as First Mate George and Quartermaster Rylie scheduled all of the readings. Davis, Ivan, Kathleen G., Barbara C., and Lee greeted each pirate at the door, and Mackenzie kept the lectures flowing. Our lecturers, Karin, Michael, Victoria, Elodie, Brenda,Lee, Howard, Shane, Kathleen G., Nax, and Barbara H. brought a diverse array of knowledge from their travels, and the day ended with an incredible message gallery with Victoria, Connie, and Barbara H. Thank you to all the pirates and mermaids who took part in this exciting event!

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