Fairy Faire 2018

The Fairy Faire on June 23, 2018 was a truly marvelous event! Elves, fairies and other mystical folk traveled from far and wide to this magical market, meeting an assortment of vendors selling wares from the fairy realm, and psychic readers bringing messages from beyond. Kathleen, the resident fairy, organized this fabulous faire, assisted by her helpful elves. Dan, Ray, Susan, Shane, and Karen directed the elven guests as they arrived in their magic carriages, and they were greeted by Rylie, Ivan and Karen, who granted them access to the world of fae. Victoria cast a spell over the event, covering it in otherworldly décor, and George, AKA “Shrek the Tech,” combined the powers of science and magic to ensure that no technology went awry! Bonnie entertained with her heavenly hula hoops, assisted by Nick T. and MackenzieKarin supervised the bouncy fairy house, making sure every little elf had fun, as Lightning Jack and Nick H. delighted all with magnificent music, accompanied by DJ, the dancing rainbow fairy. Narendra with The Curry Station, Bowled Life, and Chafin Food filled our tummies with fairy treats. Thank you to every fairy, elf, and pixie that made this enchanting event possible!

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