Friends of Selby 2020

Wednesday evening we were fortunate enough to be a participant in the Crystal Ball: The People’s Gala for the Selby Public Library located in Sarasota. During the event intuitive readers Jin, Meredith, Nathaniel, Myrna Lou, AnnMarie, Ivan and Cathy provided mini readings for those who wished to converse with the spirits. Each attendee had the opportunity to sit with multiple readers free of charge. Thank you readers for volunteering your time to help raise funding for the free programs offered by the library. We appreciate our volunteer Lynn Cat for spending the evening directing those wishing for a reading to the right location and handing out brochures for our upcoming classes and events at the TSU facility. A special divine Thank You goes to our Special Guest Medium, Joseph LoBrutto, for devoting his energy and spiritual channeling during his Speaking to Heaven gallery for those who wished to receive messages from loved ones passed. Those who were able to find a seat or room to stand witnessed Joseph communicate with the spirit guides and deliver messages from the spiritual plane to family members in attendance. Thank you to The Spirit University staff Helen, Rod, Anna, and Richard for helping to keep the flow running smooth for the readers as well as ushering guests to Joseph’s gallery. Take a look as some of the captured memories from the evening. Visit our photo albums to view more images. As always The Spirit University is grateful to YOU!
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