Hungry Ghost Festival

Hungry Ghost Festivals around the world bring people from all corners of life together in a melting pot of spiritual unity. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all our many intuitive readers, healers, volunteers, and staff who attended the Hungry Ghost Psychic Fair!

We all have loved ones we miss and wish to connect with again! We would like to express so much gratitude to our readers, Ann Marie, Barbara, Cathy, Ivan, Ishan, Michael, Mary Linn, Terry, Deni, and Zan for providing insight and spiritual messages to our welcomed guests. Thank you to our energy healers Brenda, Charlie, and Indira who used their restorative and soothing powers to bring comfort and relaxation to our visitors. Ghostly heir staff Amanda, Helen, Anna, Richard, George (Samuri), and Victoria did an amazing job making sure everything flowed smoothly and made everyone feel welcome in our converted indoor Asian celebration! A very special Xièxiè (Thank You!) to our amazing volunteers Deni, and the Mellinger Mother-Daughter duo for helping to greet and check-in guests, and to Kathy for MC-ing to make sure all our lectures went as smooth as silk. Thank you to our guest lecturers Ann Marie, Barbara, Michael, Charlie, Indira, Richard, Zan, Mary Linn, and Victoria who shared their knowledge and healing modalities with our guests and did a magnificent job with their presentations. A special Thank You goes to our guest performers and demonstrators, Reuben for introduction to Cloud Tai Chi & Chi Gung, The Fred Astaire Studio for Rhythm Dance Performance and Master Shuman for Interactive Thai Chi presentation and demonstration from the Chinese School of Sarasota. We also would like to thank our fantastic photographer Judith, for helping to keep our ghostly moments and memories alive, so we can look fondly upon them in the future.

Finally, a very special thank you to our hundreds of guests who visited The Spirit University and shared their time with us! We greatly appreciate everyone who came or was involved in making our Hungry Ghost Psychic Fair, the best cultural and informative experience possible.

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