Mama Mia Psychic Faire

Moms everywhere were celebrated at the Mama Mia Psychic Faire! Our psychic readers Katrina, Suzanne, Shane, Sheri, Elodie, Barbara, Cathy, Karin, Jana, Michael, and Angela provided messages of guidance, while Brenda and Heidi provided healings that left all in attendance refreshed and stress-free. Tanya and Mackenzie greeted every guest with warmth as Sierra and Dakota lifted everyone’s spirits with tasty treats! Kathleen gave everyone the mom treatment by keeping the faire on a timely schedule, as Daniel organized the faire and ensured that all ran smoothly. We all got a good talking to in the lectures with Katrina, Jana, Suzanne, Nax, Daniel, Karin, and Victoria, as Karen hosted. Last but certainly not least, Nick serenaded all with wonderful music, accompanied by Nax! Thank you to all the moms, goddesses, queens, and princesses who made the Mama Mia Psychic Faire a beautiful event!