May 4th Be With You

The force was strong at our May The 4th Be With You Psychic Fair! We would like to extend our sincerest thank you to our out of this world all those who attended, and our readers, lecturers, volunteers, and staff.

So much gratitude for readers Karin, Suzanne, Shirley, Zan, Barbara, Cathy, Chris, Ivan, Ishan, AnnMarie, TJ,  and Mary Linn for providing care and information to our guests so they could forge new frontiers armed with insight and spiritual messages. Thank you to healers Brenda, Carol, and Indira who used their rejuvenating “force” powers to bring comfort and relaxation to our visitors. The staff alliance of Victoria, Amanda, Helen, and George (Darth Vader) did an amazing job making sure everything flowed smoothly and made everyone feel welcome! Thanks to Nax for his galaxy-shaking grooves. A very special shout-out to  volunteers Judy and Teresa for helping greeting guests and to Michelle (Princess Leia) for MC-ing to make sure all our lectures went as smooth as silk. Lecturers Shirley, Chris, TJ, Carol Lee, Richard, Brittany, Barbara, Indira, Zan, Kathy, Lynn, Mary, and Victoria shared their Jedi knowledge and did a wonderful job with their presentations. Finally, a very special thank you to our guests who visited The Spirit University and shared their time with us! May the infinite and divine Force be with all of you!

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