Psychic Fair February 2015

Psychic Fair at The Spirit University
At the February 2015 Psychic Fair we offered up a robust assortment of interesting and informative Lectures, Message Gallery, Crystals, Psychic Mediumship, Tarot, and Palm Readings, Aura Photographs, as well as Reiki Healings. New York’s Lily Dale Assembly Certified Medium Sharon Hill joined fellow Lily Dale facilitator Brenda Reading in both the gallery and private messages, as did Karla from Tampa. Masami gave medium readings, Carol brought her crystals, Ron gave Reiki healings, Zahid read palms, Martha and Barbara offered up a combination of mediumship and Tarot, Student Diane bravely stood in front of the gallery for the first time and gave messages. Another long-time Lily Dale facilitator, the iconic Shanna Spalding St Clair, spoke about mediumship in the gallery. Victoria hosted the gallery for other speakers, including Teresa and aura photographer and intuitive Howard. Around 150 people attended, and George greeted them and signed everybody up. Below are some pictures:Below are some pictures.