Psychic Fair March 2016

March Psychic Fair at The Spirit University
The next installment of our Psychic Fair continued on with a bang — during the day a lightening strike removed power to 36 homes and businesses in the area. To our amazement, the Psychic Fair continued on full tilt as though nothing had happened! The gallery continued, readings and aura photos continued, and people kept coming. A good time for all. At the end of the day, it had taken four huge FL&L trucks with their crews, to repair the lightening damage and restore power to the area. Thank you to Connie, Myrna Lou, Bridget, Thomas, Barbara, John, Lisa, Carolan, Ron, Laura, Howard, George, Harald, Page, Karol, Cyndy, Cyril, and Victoria. An especially big thank you to volunteers Debbie and Lisa who so kindly and efficiently greeted everyone and signed them in.