Psychic Fair October 2015

Fall Psychic Fair at The Spirit University
October brought about 120 seekers to this banner event. George guided them when they arrived into a wide assortment of experiences. Some attendees opted to receive an Energetic Healing from “Reiki” Ron. Others enjoyed interesting and informative Lectures by Victoria, Ron, Frank, Howard, Barbara, and the duo of Liz and Ron. Speaking topics ranged from Near Death Experiences to Energetic Healing Modalities, Angels and Guides, Intentions in Healing Others, and more. A presentation of mediumship gave some audience members messages, validation, and communication from loved ones on the ‘Other Side of Life’ in our Message Gallery, hosted by Victoria. Thank you to message bearers Connie, Howard, Carolan, Barbara, and Kris. Even a few of our Student Intuitives stood bravely in the front of the gallery and proffered wonderful messages to the audience: Cyndy, Cyril, and Karin. Most attendees found their way into choosing from a cornucopia of Readings by Lily Dale Assembly Certified Medium Kris, Tarot Specialist and Medium Connie, Seer and Psychic Medium Howard, Psychic Medium Barbara, and Psychic Medium Carolan.  Below are a few photos, mostly of the public gallery: