Spirit of Holidays 2019

To end the year on a divine and spiritual celebration, The Spirit University held its 6th Annual Spirit of the Holidays Message Party featuring guest medium Joseph LoBrutto along with our devoted top mediums Victoria Ackerman, Masami Kolbenschlag, Mary Linn Clarke, and Barbara Harrison. They were joined by Message Bearers Renee, AnnMarie, and Elaine making a partridge tree of eight message bearers on hand! The night was filled with laughter and good vibes thanks to the musical acoustic playing from B.C. Hathaway; many took advantage of the dance floor and showed off their holiday moves. The event was memorialized by photographer and holiday elf, Judith. Our staff Helen, Anna, Richard, Carol, Elaine, and George played host through the night, and Rod joined the crew.
One of the highlights of the evening was the Gift Basket Raffle with our MC’s George and Jeremiah for their entertaining commentary and humorous crowd engagement. With humble gratitude we thank all our gift basket sponsors: Fred Astaire Dance Studio, The Players Centre for Performing Arts, AnnMarie Touchette-Medium, Lynn Cat Neal-Energy &Sound Healer, The A’se Collection by Trevor Ray, 5 Petal Healing, Enchanted Emporium at The Spirit University, Masami Kolbenschlag-Medium, Essential Massage & Facials on University, Wendy Cooper-Animal Communicator, D&G Creations, A. Catherine Photography, Elaine Rhoden-Tarot Reader, and Zan Benham-Energy Healer & Counseling for taking the time to contribute and providing such beautiful items and gift certificates. Thanks to the donations, the raffle was a wonderful success.
As this year draws to an end we want to take the time to recognize and show our appreciation to those who attend classes, facilitate a class, donate to the free library, or volunteer during events. As always The Spirit University is grateful to YOU!
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