Through The Looking Glass 2019

A very heartfelt thank you to all the readers, lecturers, volunteers, and staff who participated in our Through The Looking Glass Psychic Fair. No one lost their head! Thanks to our readers AnnMarie, Ishan, Howard, Pam, Cathy, Shirley, Barbara, Sarah, Ivan, Karin, Mary Linn, and Shane for peering through the looking glass and sharing what they saw there. Thank you to our healers Indira, Lynn, and Brenda who gave some soothing energies to those who needed a “pick me up.” Through The Looking Glass lecturers Divya, Pam, Shirley, T.J., Lynn, AnnMarie, Shane, Sarah, Indira, Barbara, Brittany, Rosemary, Lee, and Victoria whose Wonder-ful talks imparted knowledge, entertainment, and enrichment to our community. A big Cheshire Cat smile to our volunteers Wendy, Kayleen, Teresa, and Michelle our fantastic MC who shared their time and kindness with us. Thank you to our staff Victoria, George, Rylie, Amanda, and Helen who pulled everything together to make this event an incredible success! And to all of our attendees who visited, took a class, heard a lecture, got a reading, and/or experienced a healing, we return from the rabbit hole and deliver to you our appreciation and gratitude.

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