LEARN HOW TO DEVELOP AND EXPAND your intuition, psychic skills and energetic healing capacity. No experience is required. Beginner to expert – all are welcome!

●  Interested in growing spiritually?

●  Want to know more about the body-mind-spirit connection?

●  Recently begun your spiritual journey and have questions?

Meet others who are interested in meditation, energy healing, spirit communication and complementary pathways to health. Our mission is to provide enriching and educational experiences that help with your personal transformation. 

The Spirit University brings you information and healing as you embrace your spiritual journey. At our classes and events we create an environment in which you can interact with other like-minded individuals, and learn from industry experts.

The Spirit University

Located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, USA. The Spirit University is a premier international spiritual learning center. The Spirit University provides enriching, healing, and educational opportunities that enhance personal spiritual transformation.

Our goal is to preserve and promote spiritual arts in a non-religious setting. To accomplish that end, we offers classes workshops, seminars and special events featuring exceptional presenters. These outstanding presenters promote the discovery, development and support by sharing their knowledge of diverse topics, such as intuitive development, mediumship development, meditation, a variety of healing modalities, personal growth, exploring the frontiers of consciousness, as well as other subjects.

Founded in 2011 by Victoria Ackerman, TSU offers unsurpassed spiritual education and enrichment to thousands of people every year. Housed in its 7000 square foot building, and located close to Sarasota Bay. Victoria experienced a Near Death Experience in 2006. Her psychic insight and mediumistic abilities were immediately awakened. From that transformative experience, Victoria realized that divine attunement dwells in everyone. She was inspired to found The Spirit University so others could learn to connect to their divine potential and awaken their own unique spiritual abilities. In addition, Victoria has achieved national attention for her educational public psychic medium demonstrations throughout Florida.

Top industry teachers, researchers, authors and lecturers provide regular presentations to a warm and encouraging community.