Doogie Dowser

DOWSING WITH RODS AND PENDULUMS – Dowsing is using a tool (using a pendulum or two “L” rods) that allows us to gather information not directly available to our conscious mind. Dowsing is an intuitive art. Receive instruction in one of the oldest forms of divination in the world. You will also receive your own set of rods and a pendulum to keep. Includes two L rods and a pendulum for you to keep.


People Use Dowsing To:

ASSIST – healing and well-being, answer questions, gain access our high selves and intuition.

LOCATE – water, gold, oil and other minerals, lost objects, missing persons or pets, schools of fish, vacation spots, underground pipes and leaks, faulty equipment and sources of malfunctions, problems in the body.

TEST FOR – allergies, the quality and freshness of food and water, chemicals, pesticides or bacteria in food.

DETERMINE — compatibility between people, places, things, health of people and animals, counterfeit or authentic items, truthfulness.

CHOOSE — investments and stocks, careers, relationships, dates, timing, healthful foods.